Beautify your skin with the C Infusion Collection – DermaQuest’s C Infusion Collection features the ultimate powers of BVOSC which is a potent yet gentle and stable form of vitamin C. With abilities to add a stunning glow and vibrancy to your skin, the C Infusion Collection promises to energise and enhance. Infused with orange stem cells, our antioxidant-rich blend scavenges free radicals while tightening and smoothing your skin. Allow your skin to flourish with DermaQuest’s intense and nourishing formulas.

Dermaquest C Infusion Collection - Maidstone, Kent

C Infusion Cleanser (6oz)

Packed full with antioxidants, our foaming cleanser purifies and protects your skin while slowing down the effects of harmful free radicals. The C Infusion Cleanser will make you feel refreshed, energised and primed for home care or professional treatment, without stripping essential moisture from your skin.
DermaQuest C Infusion Cleanser - Maidstone, Kent

C Infusion TX Mask (2oz)

The C Infusion TX is an ultra-nourishing mask that is brimming with Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acids, antioxidants and peptides. It is a silky smooth, anti-aging treatment that is gentle enough for all skin types. Instantly soothing and hydrating, this lavish mask fades fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with luxuriously hydrated skin.

DermaQuest C Infusion TX Mask - Maidstone, Kent

C Infusion Serum (1oz)

DermaQuest’s C Infusion Serum uses extra-active BV-OSC and orange stem cells that gently tone and tighten your skin, whilst protecting it from harmful free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles. A must have for all skin types, the C Infusion Serum will energise your skin and start to remove discolouration and future signs of aging with the power of nourishing antioxidants.
DermaQuest C Infusion Serum - Maidstone, kent

C Infusion Eye Cream (0.5oz)

The C Infusion Eye Cream which is specifically developed with orange stem cells and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres™, deeply hydrates and improves your skin’s appearance. The revitalising effects of Eyeliss™ and Matrixyl™ reduce dark circles and increase circulation to the delicate skin under your eye.

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