Non-Invasive Lip Fillers Maidstone

A Needleless Lip Plumping Treatment

Non-Invasive Lip Fillers Maidstone

The Hii Pen is a needle-free lip plumping device that delivers Hyaluronic acid filler to areas of the face with a Hyaluronic pen. This air powered needle free system is ideal for those that have needle phobias or anxiety and allows you to gain results in a much more comfortable, stress-free way, rather than a conventional hypodermic needle procedure.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

How Long Will the Dermalax Filler Last?
The lip filler can last between 2-7 months, sometimes longer depending on each individuals diet and routine. Everyone’s body will break down the product at different rates.

Does the Needle Free Lip Filler Hurt?
The Hii Pen needle free lip enhancement is designed to administer the product into skin with minimal discomfort. I would describe it like having your ears pierced, just experiencing pressure from the pen.

Possible Side Effects of the Hii Pen Lip Augmentation
Possible side effects of the Hii Pen Hyaluronic acid filler can include mild experiences such as bruising, swelling, tenderness and redness. These are the most common and normal side effects of the Hii Pen lip filler and will subside naturally within a week depending on the individual. Large haematoma (large bruising) can last around 10-14 days.

Non-Invasive Lip Fillers Maidstone

Contradictions with the Hii Pen Lip Filler

The Hii Pen Needle free lip plumping treatment is not suitable for anyone that:

?Is under the age of 18 years old
?Has diabetes
?Is pregnant or breastfeeding
?Taking blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin
?Has skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema
?Any inflammation around the area that is to be treated
?Has HIV or Hepatitis
?Has haemophilia
?Has healing disorders or uncontrolled high blood pressure
?Is taking any skin medication such as Accutane or Steroids
?Has active skin cancer
?Suffers with Keloid scaring
?Has epilepsy
?Has a pacemaker or heart problems
?Has had Botox within one month of the proposed treatment (only if requiring in the same area)
?Has cold sores
?Is allergic to Lidocaine

If you have any of the above conditions, we will not be able to offer you the Hii Pen lip filler.

Hii Pen Needle-Free Lip Filler Aftercare Advice

? Applying Arnica ointment to the treated area can help reduce bruising, speed up the healing process.
? Avoid make-up over the treatment area for 12 hours post treatment, this will reduce the risk of infection.
?Avoid UV light, saunas, spas, waxing or any further heat treatments for 48 hours post treatment.
?Ice and cold packs held on the area treated can help reduce swelling and bruising.

Hii Pen Costs:

0.5ml (lips or lines) – £135

1ml (lips or lines) – £185

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See the Hii Pen Lip Plumper in Action

Click on the videos below to watch the the Hii Pen needleless lip plump in action so you know what to expect before your appointment.

Hii Pen Needle-Free Lip Enhancement Gallery

Click on the images below to view before and after photos of clients that have experienced the Hii Pen needle-free lip plump treatment.

Hii Pen Needle-Free Lip Enhancement Testimonials

Please read our customer feedback from the Hii Pen lip plumping treatment we provide in Maidstone, Kent.

“Absolutely love this Hii Pen treatment. I got the exact results I wanted getting volume and more full/plumped lips. I was really worried that I wouldn’t get the same results as I would with needle fillers but I’m so much happier. When I had the needle fillers it really hurt and left my lips sore for days. I can’t believe how pain free this was! I highly recommend this and will never have needle fillers again.”

Kizzy Townsend
Non-Invasive Lip Fillers Maidstone
Non-Invasive Lip Fillers Maidstone

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HII Pen Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about the Hii Pen lip enhancing treatment to help answer your queries however, if you’d like to find out more, please contact me.

There maybe occasions when the client dislikes the overall look of the filler once it has been penetrated into the skin with the Hii pen. Therefore Hyaluronidase can be injected with hypodermic needle by a qualified technician into the area, slowly dissolving the filler.

Although very rare, fillers can cause devastating complications such as blindness, vascular occlusion (death of the skin) and scaring.

Normal effects of having filler wether injected or by using the Hii pen can result in redness, swelling and bruising due to small amounts of bleeding.

Vascular occlusion can occur when filler enters an artery which causes compression blockage. With this needle free treatment, vascular occlusion will be a much lower risk of happening. If this was to happen seek medical advice immediately.

Without the use of a hypodermic needle infections from Hii pen will be extremely rare, although possible and could include:

  • Discolouration of the skin where treated
  • Necrosis (death of the skin) – filler has inserted into the blood vessel
  • Abscess formation
  • Abnormal skin growth

Filler isn’t for everyone. I recommend you research into having filler, understanding the process. We all have ideas on what looks we all want to gain, so I advise if feeling apprehensive about it, gradual treatments would be advised, this can give you time to adjust and allow you to build up rather than it being maybe too dramatic in a single treatment.

Filler can last between 2-7 months, some cases longer depending on how you can maintain the longevity of the filler.

I would recommend healthy diet, lower alcohol intake, less smoking and plenty of water. Following first initial treatment you can have more treatments two weeks after. Only if using same the brand of filler, from the same technician. If you’ve had filler from another technician or salon, a longer period may need to be carried out.

The filler used is a fine, non animal based product with high a HA (hyuralonic acid) ratio.

This is cross linked to give it more of a gel like substance so this can prolong the results more than just HA alone. The product also has Lidocaine which is a numbing agent, this will again allow the area to be numb and comfortable.

Hii pen disperses the filler more evenly than a hypodermic needle injection. In some cases, small lumps may occur during treatment, these can be rectified by gentle massage of the area within the first day.

The Hii pen is designed to administer the filler into the area with minimum discomfort or pain. There is pressure from the pen itself, but not painful. I would describe it being like having your ears pierced, even then without the after sting.

The cost of the treatment may vary between client, depending on how much they require.

HA (hyuralonic acid) filler will only last between 2-7 months, in some cases longer depending on how fast your body naturally breaks it down. If you drink plenty of water this will prolong the longevity of the filler as it’s water based and will absorb the extra water given.

The pen is set with the ampule at the top of the pen, then it’s is charged and twisted down ready to push the button at the end of the device giving off a loud click, this is when the filler will shoot out of the end of the device using air pressure to penetrate the skin.

Hii Pen No Needle Lip Enhancement - Maidstone, Kent

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