*”My wife Carole, is a big fan of Dermaplaning, it leaves her skin glowing and extremely soft as well as reducing fine lines, it is not at all painful, if anything it is strangely relaxing, it doesn’t leave her skin sore and the slight redness is gone very quickly. Louisa does the Dermaplaning alongside an Ultimate Caci treatment and follows up with the Cryofreeze ball. A perfect tailor made facial.”

Ian Gilbert, ★★★★★
*”I recently completed a course of CACI Non surgical face lift. Firstly my views on the salon. In you Beauty is a home based salon. It was fairly easy to find and there was ample off road parking. The treatment room has lovely décor and is a quiet and relaxing environment.

Although this is a home based salon it is as good (or in some cases better) than any salon I have visited and I felt that I had the therapist Louisas full attention the whole time I was there. She was knowledgably of the treatments she offered and was able to advise on what results I could expect from the different treatments.”

Here is my review of the course of CACI non surgical face lift that I had recently. Before my course started there was a consultation where we discussed the treatment, what we could achieve and the whole process. Louisa showed me the equipment she would be using and explained how it worked.

I was not expecting the treatment to be particularly relaxing or to see immediate results after one treatment but I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t remember the technicalities but while the “prongs” were being used there was a faint “tingling” sensation and a slight metallic taste in the mouth which, once you got used to you didn’t notice. After the first treatment I knew what to expect and “zoned out” and found the whole experience very relaxing. From day one my skin felt smoother and softer, much as it would with any facial.

By the second and third treatments my skin started looking clearer (skin tone more even pours less visible) and an improvement in the winkles around my eyes. As the course continued so the results were more visible. It was only when I saw the “before” and “after” photos that I really saw the difference. (Although my partner who normally poo poos this sort of thing was amazed at how good my skin was looking) My jaw line and chin is where I noticed it most.

In short I would definitely recommend this treatment in fact I shall probably be seeing what it can do for other problem areas. CACI Bust Lift in the spring maybe!”

Maria Langridge, ★★★★★
*”I have been going for CACI facials for the last year and my skin has never felt better. Louisa is so friendly, professional and makes you feel incredibly at ease. Easily a 5 star service and high recommended for your skincare needs.”
Katie Peters
*”I get a CACI Ultimate treatment at In You Beauty and I can highly recommend it, Louisa knows her stuff and makes you feel at ease, nothing is too much trouble, her beauty room is beautiful with a lovely calm ambiance. This treatment is like a facelift without the knife, with the added bonus of Louisa’s expert knowledge. Definitely a five star salon.”
Pamela Hughes
*”Wow! Best ‘proper’ facial I’ve ever had! I was looking for a treatment that targeted everything I’m concerned about – open pores, hormonal spots, fine lines, age spots, sagging and all over skin tone. This facial does just that as after just one treatment, my face looks amazing this morning. It’s much clearer, my spots and open pores have reduced, it looks calmer, is more toned overall and it is definitely more lifted around my jowls. Thank you! Would highly recommend!”
Erin Rose, ★★★★★
*”In You Beauty offers a wide variety of treatments in a friendly and warm environment. Louis is very knowledgeable about the treatments she offers and can help decide which is the best course of treatment for you based on your needs. I had a series of CACI treatments and these were delivered professionally and really did help improve my skin! Would definitely recommend and will be visiting for more treatments!”
Kirsty Wood
*”I look forward to my appointments with Louisa for a relax and a little treat in lovely surroundings. It was great to find someone locally who can provide Dermaquest products and different types of treatments. I have so far tried the CACI LED Light Therapy which helped calm my skin and Microdermabrasion which just makes my skin look fresher. Both are followed with a hydrating face mask which is my favourite part. I look forward to trying the new Cool Lifting gun treatment next week!”
Vicky Moore
*”I regularly look forward to visiting In You Beauty where I have the CACI treatment. Here I can relax with a calming ambiance. Louisa is extremely knowledgeable, and an expert in her field of work. All treatments are excellent and has improved my skin immensely. It is definitely by far a more natural way of helping those wrinkles. I will be definitely continuing my treatment.”
Bridget Robson, ★★★★★
*”I had the Fibroplasting treatment on upper eyelids and crows feet two weeks ago today and am so pleased with the results already and this will still improve over the next two to three weeks. Totally impressed with the level of care from day one. Was told what was happening throughout the treatment and the aftercare has been excellent. Will be back soon for another area to be treated. Thank you so much. x”
Sue Tye, ★★★★★
*”Fab facial with CACI today with the lovely Louisa, very professional with a wealth of knowledge. My skin looks and feels amazing. Having dry, tired skin this treatment was just what the doctor ordered. A treat that I will not begrudge myself from now on. Thanks Louisa for making me feel fresh as a daisy.”
Melissa Smart, ★★★★★
*”Superb professional service in a lovely calm environment, my nails always look fabulous. And the CACI treatments are second to none. Highly recommend the buttock treatments. Amazing results event after only three treatments so far. Can’t wait to finish the course and continue to see fabulous results. x.”
Nikki Hutchins, ★★★★★
*”Surprisingly relaxing treatment in a very calm environment. Louisa is very knowledgeable about the treatments and benefits and I am looking forward to further CACI treatments. Highly recommended!”
Sam Gentry-Marshall, ★★★★★

*Results may vary from person to person.